Portfolio Wrap


Similar to the vintage sketchbooks of the 19th century French artists, the Portfolio Wrap elevates this concept featuring a soft-pouch that accommodates the mats. Handcrafted using the finest Italian leather with amazing attention to detail, which is evident in every stitch. The smell of Italian leather and the soft, luxurious feel create a sleek and elegant Portfolio to accommodate your image mats. The Portfolio Wrap is designed to grow with you and your family over the years holding 20 matted images. This original purchase holds 6 Matted Images with 14 empty mats to be created later. You may also choose to upgrade now by selecting one of the options 10 or 20 matted images.

Pricing is Full Retail Pricing.

OPTION 1  You may pre purchase and make your payment by check and save 25%
from the Full Retail Pricing.

OPTION 2  You may pre purchase and make your payment with cash and save 15%

more from the option 1 pricing.

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