Senior Clothing and Design Consultation

A clothing consultation is offered at no charge and requires about 90 minutes to complete. This consultation happens a couple of weeks or so before your session. It is perfect for those individuals who are on the fence about booking a session but is recommended for all who book a session. A consultation allows you to meet us and visit the studio before the session. We ask that you bring any clothing you are thinking of wearing for a portrait session, we will make suggestions of backgrounds to be used with your clothing selections. We will also share pricing and the collections of portraits we offer. 

We have also implemented what we call web prints which is a concept that takes all of the gift size portraits you are interested in and uploads them to a private website where you can purchase the smaller 5x7, 8x10 and 11x14 portraits at your leisure. This saves so much time at the image selection consultation an allows us to present your selected pre-session collection in a truly incredible presentation taking all of the guess work and worry about selecting the proper size portraiture for your home. 

We ask you to photograph the locations within your home you are thinking of displaying your portrait collection. Don't worry it is very easy, just use your phone and take a couple of locations and email them to us. We will send you easy to follow instructions. With the photos you send us of your home or office we will  transpose your session images and collection into your home photos showing you exactly what your collection will look like on your wall. There is no way you will purchase to large or to small with this new concept. You will feel very confident in the decisions you have made.

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