About Raymond James

Through a passion for portraiture and a desire to help clients find their inner and outer beauty, we have developed a strong presence in southern Delaware helping our clientele to truly believe in their beauty. At Raymond James we provide professional make-up services not to make you look better, but to help you see that you are beautiful now.

It’s not about how you look but rather how you feel about the way you look, Confidence is truly a beautiful thing. Confidence, self acceptance and personality is what we bring out in the clients we photograph.

Some of us forget what it’s like to feel beautiful and strong along the way!

We get to busy with our lives, our family and our jobs. This experience is for you to feel beautiful and believe it..because you truly are perfect right now.

So what is it about the Raymond James portrait session that can change so many clients perspectives of themselves? We believe the answer is:

  1. Investing in yourself.
  2. Stepping out of your comfort zone. 
  3. And seeing yourself through somebody else’s eyes (and lens).

At the beginning of each of our sessions, we show our client one of the first portraits we take from the back of our digital camera. This portrait is un-retouched, unedited, just straight out of the camera. We’ve had reactions ranging from disbelief, to thrilled shrieks, to happy tears. This is truly life changing stuff and is one of the most exciting aspects affecting us as Portrait Artists, this being one of the first moments they may begin to believe in their beauty.

If any of this sounds good to you, I’d love to get you some more information.

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  2. Or if you would like to set up a time to meet at the studio for a no cost consultation to answer any questions you may have click HERE.
  3. You may also choose to call us at (302) 684-8777 to have your questions answered.